A Cubs-Red Sox World Series in 2016?

Originally written August 23, 2016


A Chicago Cubs vs. Boston Red Sox World Series matchup in 2016 would draw huge ratings on TV and social media interest. These are two storied franchises who have have history of “curses”. They last met in the 1918 World Series. 

It would be a true treat to see the Chicago Cubs and the Boston Red Sox, two of the best teams in baseball in 2016 to face each other in the World Series if they win their respective league championships.

The Cubs, who won the National League Central title for the first time since 2008, is likely to win 100+ games by the end of the season. They have a solid lineup in Kris Bryant, Anthony Rizzo, a solid pitching staff in Jon Lester, Jake Arrieta, Kyle Hendricks. They have a good defense. They have the baseball world actually believing that they can win a World Series championship for the first time sin 1908-yes, 1908. 108 years ago. They have the best manager in baseball, Joe Maddon, who is charismatic and very smart when it comes to baseball lineups. He turned around the Tampa Bay Rays and took them to their first American League pennant, until they lost to the Philadelphia Phillies in the 2008 World Series.

The Boston Red Sox, is likely to win the American League East division for the first time since 2013, when they last won the World Series. They have a high-powered offense in retiring star slugger David Ortiz, Hanley Ramirez, Dustin Pedroia. They have a decent pitching staff, not spectacular, leading with David Price. The Red Sox had an up and down season, with some in the beginning of the season wanted Red Sox manager John Farrell to be fired. However, with the Red Sox marching to the playoffs, that does not seem to be happening. Farrell is likely to be considered to be awarded Manager of the Year, regardless of whether the Red Sox go far into the 2016 postseason.

It would be good to see retiring “Big Papi” ride off into the sunset with a fourth World Series championship under his era. (He won championships in 2004, 2007, and 2013.)

A Cubs-Red Sox World Series would be one of the most watched championship games in all of sports, maybe even tying the Super Bowl or the Cavaliers-Warriors NBA Finals rematch of 2016. Two big market cities=Chicago and Boston. It would be a sweet October treat.

Two “cursed” franchises, the Red Sox breaking their Curse of the Bambino in 2004 by winning the World Series over the 105-win National League Champions St. Louis Cardinals. The Cubs have to break their curse of the Billy Goat. Will these two teams come together and make 2016 a historic year? It’s possible.



My 2016 Super Bowl 51 predictions: Seahawks over Steelers

I had promised to give my Super Bowl predictions this week, so I will do so:

Seahawks over Steelers: 31-24

Pittsburgh is on a mission. They have a solid offense in Ben Roethlisberger, the quarterback, Antonio Brown, the wide receiver, and Le’Veon Bell, the running back. Their defense is pretty good too–the Steelers have won Super Bowls with their tough defenses.

However, the Seahawks are the one of the best teams in the National Football League, and they still have a solid defense. With Russell Wilson and Richard Sherman back in style, but without Marshawn Lynch, one of the best running backs in NFL, they could struggle a bit, but at the end of the day, the Seahawks will be back hoisting the Lombardi trophy, in Houston.

2016 NFL predictions

My 2016 NFL predictions are here!! Tonight, the defending Super Bowl champions Denver Broncos will be playing the defending NFC champions Carolina Panthers, in a Super Bowl 50 rematch from last February in Denver, Colorado on NBC. After weeks of thinking of who will come on top in their divisions, I think I have made some right predictions. Here we go:

AFC Seeding

  1. Steelers (AFC North Champs) (AFC home-field advantage throughout playoffs and first round bye)
  2. Patriots (AFC East Champs) (First-round bye)
  3. Texans (AFC South Champs)
  4. Chiefs (AFC West Champs)
  5. Broncos (AFC Wildcard)
  6. Jets (AFC Wildcard)

NFC Seeding

  1. Cardinals (NFC West Champs) (NFC home-field advantage throughout playoffs and first round bye)
  2. Panthers (NFC South Champs) (First-round bye)
  3. Packers (NFC North Champs)
  4. Giants (NFC East Champs)
  5. Seahawks (NFC Wildcard)
  6. Falcons (NFC Wildcard)

My Super Bowl picks..tomorrow!

What Labor Day means to America

September 5, 2016

Monday, September 5 will be Labor Day, the first Monday in September. It’s a day where schools are preparing to open back to school; beaches preparing the close, fall items and the start of college football.

What Labor Day should really mean is hardworking men and women having a day to reflect on their service to working and creating a good life for themselves and their families.